COVID-19 Services

ALC Has Mobilized Our Staff To Assist And Support Our Clients In Multiple Markets In Response To The COVID-19 Crisis. ALC’s Highly Qualified Team Of Environmental Health Professionals, Scientists, Safety Personnel And Technicians Led By Our In-House Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) Are Available To Speak To Your Specific Issue.

Our Services Include:

  • Covid-19 Cleaning Plans & Contractor Selection
  • Contractor Oversight/Monitoring
  • Visual Inspections With Documentation That Proper Disinfectants Were Used
  • ATP Surface Testing and Virus Testing (if requested)  
  • Pandemic Control Plans 

Our Testing Services Provide:

  • Real Time Proof Of The Effectiveness Of Your Cleaning
  • Fast Results Utilizing Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Surface Testing (Used By Leading Institutions In The Healthcare And Hospitality Industry Nationwide)
  • Verification That Your Disinfectant Is Effectively Destroying Any Viral Material.
  • Testing Conducted By Highly Trained And Experienced Industrial Hygienists
  • COVID-19 Analyzed By Reputable Nationally Accredited Laboratories.

ALC Post-Cleaning/Disinfection Verification & Clearance

How ALC ATP Cleaning Verification Works?