Whether it's residential, commercial or industrial, ALC Environmental employs experts trained to quickly identify any potential environmental concerns.


Trained property evaluators and field technicians will thoroughly evaluate your property and prepare a report on all findings.


ALC Environment will solve each of your environmental concerns through a proven approach that guarantees results that adhere to compliance regulations.

Doing business since 1997, ALC has developed a highly trained professional staff operating in offices nationwide. ALC Environmental regularly performs over 1,000 evaluations per month in multiple disciplines for public and private entities in various states.

ALC’s methodical process has consistently delivered results, earning the company an impeccable reputation.  We ensure the highest level of quality and reliability from start to finish.  ALC designs clear, manageable and effective solutions to address any potential or existing environmental concern.

Lunch and Learn
AIA Certified Program

ALC is an approved AIA-CES Training Provider and has developed a series of courses that focus on environmental regulations and their impact on the AEC industry.

Architects, Developers, Engineers, Property Managers and Construction Managers find our courses highly informative and educational.

NYC Right to know

Jan 28th, 2015 by Josh Sarett

NYC right to know regulation: what you don't know can hurt you

In accordance with this law, every year on March 1st facilities that store or use potentially hazardous substances throughout...

NYC title 15

June 18th, 2013 by Josh Sarett

Are you aware of NYC Title 15, Chapter 1?

The Asbestos Control Program provides rules and limitations for building owners and contractors for handling asbestos. This regulation stipulates...

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