Are you aware of NYC Title 15, Chapter 1?

Posted by Josh Sarrett, 18th June 2015

Even though the federal government has banned asbestos for new uses, many existing building in New York City still contain some form of asbestos. New York City’s Title 15, Chapter 1, The Asbestos Control Program, provides rules and limitations for building owners and contractors for handling asbestos.  This regulation stipulates special training and certification requirements for asbestos handlers as well as reporting and permitting procedures that must be filed with the city prior to any demolition, plumbing or other work that may disturb asbestos containing materials. The Community Right to Know Act is vast in its scope of what and who is regulated. The regulation defines a hazardous substance as “any chemical which is a physical hazard or a health hazard and which is listed on the hazardous substance list or special health hazard list